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Experienced injury lawyer team near Tempe & Payson, AZ

Blue personal injury law book with gavel in backgroundEach day of your life, you place your trust in other people and the products you use to get through the day. When you or someone you know is injured by events related to human error, product defects, and other similar accidents, you may be left feeling helpless and seeking justice.

These events are seemingly out of anyone’s control. Even so, you hold onto hope that other people will act with due care. But for some, the unimaginable happens. You, yourself, become a victim from lack of due care.

That’s where we come in. At Tolman Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys hold wrongdoers accountable for the harms and losses they have caused. You can start your serious injury case today with a free consultation at our offices. We have two locations – one in Tempe, AZ for East Valley residents and one in Payson, AZ for those in Northern Arizona.

Injuries can occur in a variety of ways, including:

  • Careless doctors and medical staff
  • Dangerous and defective products or medications
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Dangerous products in the home
  • Playground equipment or improper surfacing to support common falls
  • Lack of design safety for roadways
  • Denial of constitutional rights by law enforcement
  • Jail and prison negligence

We have a proven record of success based on compassion, care, and communication. Our personal injury attorneys have a two-fold mission. We desire to help injured people and their families receive the compensation they deserve and need to rebuild their lives following a catastrophic accident. Our injury lawyer team is experienced and aggressive. We work with determination to help every client get the best possible result.

“Mr. Tolman is an exceptional attorney that dedicates himself to his clients.” – A. Amar

Expected Timeline from Start to Finish with Our Personal Injury Lawyer Team

When you call or schedule a consultation online, we begin gathering necessary information. It helps our legal team prepare to meet with you. The initial consultation is usually no more than one hour, and we ask several preliminary questions about your situation. These questions help us determine the probability of taking on your case. We will also review our payment options, courtroom experience, and level of practice with similar cases to yours.

Once we agree to take on your case, our team gets right to work on what is known as the discovery phase. This includes research of the accident site, reviewing witness statements (if any), combing through police and medical reports, and seeking experts to weigh in on your case. Our first goal is to help you get a fair and aggressive settlement without stepping foot into a courtroom trial.

If a settlement is not able to be reached or comes back as unsatisfactory, your lawyer will work with you to prepare you for trial. We have an excellent trial consultant on staff, who uses a variety of electronic and scientific methods to help predict jury patterns and help the legal team build your case.

At trial, we are swift, fierce, and passionate for your injuries and will not settle for a “not guilty” verdict. After your case is heard at trial, we don’t stop our attorney-client relationship there. We truly care about your injuries and will work with you even after receiving a satisfactory judgment to ensure your needs are met.

Let us help you and your family in your pursuit of justice. Contact our personal injury law firm in Tempe or Payson, AZ today to get started.