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Medical Malpractice Lawyers


Trusted lawyers providing legal aid for medical malpractice cases in Tempe and Payson, AZ

You place your trust in doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and hospitals, and rightfully so. Most of the time, doctors and other medical professionals deserve our admiration because they often correctly diagnose problems and treat illnesses and injuries to the best of their ability. But when a medical professional is negligent or engages in misconduct, it can result in disabling injuries or unfortunate death. This is called medical malpractice.

Because this type of case process is complex, it requires experienced lawyers to prepare the right documentation. When you are in need for a medical malpractice lawyer in Arizona, look no further than the Tolman Law Firm. We will build a strong case that places the burden of liability on insurance companies as well as Arizona-based doctors and healthcare facilities.

Types of cases we handle can vary, including:

  • Surgical errors
  • Mislabeled prescriptions or inaccurate dosage
  • Elder abuse (primarily seen in nursing homes)
  • Birthing injuries
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Patient dumping
  • Delayed medical treatment
  • Ignoring health symptoms
  • Improper or excessive testing and/or treatments

It takes courage to stand up to the medical profession and to hold negligent healthcare providers accountable. You and your loved ones are entitled to hold careless health care providers responsible for the harm they have caused. You also shouldn’t do it alone, we can provide support and a strong legal case to help you achieve justice.

The Tolman Law Firm is here to protect you and your loved one’s rights in the metropolitan areas of Tempe and Payson, AZ. Our personal injury lawyers can help you and your family seek the justice that is deserved in a medical malpractice case. Schedule your free consultation with our legal team today. Se habla Español.

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